The SureTwist Helical Anchorage System is offering you an optimum solution. SureTwist is an austenitic stainless steel, Grade 1.4301 or 1.4401 - DIN EN 10088 Part 3 (1995), AISI - 304 or 316, reinforcing material that has many unique properties (Or 8.8 High Tensile Steel for specific applications). Being rolled from a plain round wire, the fins are work-hardened to a very high level whilst the core remains relatively soft. The subsequent twisting process puts the fins into tension and the core into compression. The tension induced by the twisting process also ensures that any impurities in the base material are detected early, helping to produce a safer product. The tensile strength of the base material is more than doubled during the manufacturing process. The pronounced fins over the core make the bonding characteristics of the SureTwist Profile far superior to alternative standard reinforcing materials.

The SureTwist Profile will be available in 3mm, 4,5mm, 6mm, TC7mm, 8mm, TC8mm, TC9mm, 10mm and PZ Steel TC8. Lengths from 100 mm up to 10.000 mm. It is supplied in ten types depending on the application. Bars without points are used in the reinforcement system. Bars with one or two points are used in the anchorage system, along with the two point dual diameter tie. We can supply the material in any length and profile to meet the requirements of structural engineers and other specifiers.
We have introduced the TC (Thick Core) range of sections for use with the fixing and anchorage systems. The TC range has improved performance in shear and compressive loads and helps prevent deflection and bending over a longer fixing distance.
Uses – The uses of the bars are both wide and varied and they can be utilised in new build and for many specialised refurbishment requirements like apartment buildings, historic buildings, bridges and many more (build materials – concrete, brick, stone, wood, autoclave (aircrete) and others). The SureTwist Profile can be used for structural reinforcement or anchorage fixings.

Markets for the SureTwist

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