3D Anchor

3D Anchor

SureTwist – 3D ANCHOR

For securing brick and concrete cladding to the internal structural leafs, repairing delaminated brick and concrete arches and for fixing brackets to both brick and concrete. Manufactured in the EU with patent pending.

  • International Tested at the Department of Civil Engineering, Imperial College London
  • CE 0756

  • For tying and pinning masonry or concrete to brick, concrete block or concrete
  • Repairing delaminated brickwork
  • Stabilising solid or rubble walls
  • Securing brackets to solid masonry and concrete
  • Secure reinforcement mesh for sprayed concrete

  • Quick easy to install
  • Unique one piece 3 fin helical section in 304 grade austenitic stainless steel
  • Helical design ensures continuous drip
  • Self taps directly into a small pilot hole
  • Provides a quick simple, stress free fixing
  • Unaffected by temperature or weather
  • Large cross sectional area
  • Threaded end which allows for the joining of accessories or nuts for holding down plates
  • Economical to use
  • High Performance
  • Designed to prevent the fixing from wandering and bending
  • Suitable for solid masonry and concrete
  • For external and internal use
  • Stress free – no expansion forces
  • Improved edge and axial spacing compared to expansion anchors and ties
  • Thick counter sunk washer to allow the 17mm deep nut to sit securely, allowing more torque to be initially applied
Recommended Tooling:

  • Appropriate size SureDrill SDS bit, torque wrench / spanner, a recess tool and SureBond colour-pointing mortar if required

Markets for the 3D ANCHOR

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