HDS Sock Anchor

HDS Sock Anchor

SureTwist Heavy Duty Injection Sock Anchor

The SureTwist Heavy Duty Sock Anchor system is a fully engineered technical solution for strengthening masonry and repairing cracked or delaminated stonework.



  • Available in standard and bespoke lengths to cater for any job, the SureTwist HDS Sock Anchor system stabilises and secures all types of masonry, with minimal disruption, to ensure a strong, durable and flexible repair.

  • Versatile applications (arches, historic or new build structures)
  • The only injection sock anchor that is designed to be assembled on site to achieve required length facilitating the installation process
  • Eliminates the need for pattress plates
  • Compatible to the original structure (cementitious)
  • Durable (stainless steel)
  • SureTwist helical section used for increased tensile strength and keying the grout
  • Easy to install
  • Clean to install
  • Can be used in weak and poor quality substrates
  • No manufacturing lead time (pre-manufactured in 3 lengths)
  • Grout is pumped through the central spine (no plastic tubes creating weak spots)
  • Easy to ship on pallets
  • Suitable for nearly all solid and hollow substrates

Markets for the SureTwist Heavy Duty Injection Sock Anchor

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